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2000 >>

As Qahal became more known, they received invitations to also perform in rural towns such as Ceres, Heidelberg, Calvinia, Nieuwoudtville, Swellendam and Albertinia. Qahal received continual requests to perform, not only sacred music, but light classical, contemporary, Afrikaans and old love songs as well.

Popularity increases...

After Lionel Boyd left Qahal, Erika Fox took over the accompanist duties and at the same time Val Cornes (violinist), joined the group and violin solo’s became part of Qahal’s programs When they performed in traditional churches they also used the organ to accompany the singers and instrumentalists, such as the Musical Affaire Ensemble.

Erika Fox joins Qahal...

Johann Nefdt and Lionel Boyd (piano) busy rehearsing at Johann’s home in Bosonia, Kuils River.

Building our first repertoire...

Madge Miller (soprano) and Johann Nefdt perform at a House Concert in Lotus River, Grassy Park.

Our first concert...

Johann Nefdt (baritone) and Gerald Abrahams (guitar) busy practising.

More rehearsals...

Johann Nefdt (baritone) and Pat Cameron (soprano) singing at a house concert in Bosonia, Kuils River.

House concert...

Johann Nefdt (baritone) sang “I walked with God” (Brodsczky) at the Midnight Service of the DR Church Kuils River accompanied by Alida Cornelissen (organ).

Midnight Service... 31 December 1999

The Qahal Music Ministry was founded in November 1999 by Johann Nefdt (baritone) with Lionel Boyd (accompanist) and Marietjie Human (compere). Johann, the organizer, received a vision to start this group and they presented spiritual programs called “With music and the spoken word”. They presented these programs at church services, retirement villages, old age homes, women’s meetings, prayer meetings and spiritual rallies.

Founding... November 1999