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Qahal and the Musical Affaire, a instrumental group, joined forces in January 2004 when they presented a “Bouquet of Love Songs” for “Memories and Melodies” in the Bellville Civic Centre and they repeated this concert for “Morning Melodies” in the Baxter Theatre in Claremont.

Musical Affaire... Kersfees2000.pdf Kersfees2000.pdf Kersfees2000.pdf k03.jpg

Hans Nel (conductor) started to arrange music for Qahal and became an integral part of this group with his arrangements and co-organiser of the group’s concerts.

Hans Nel... more

Geo Westraadt (soprano) asked Johann Nefdt to share a Sunday afternoon concert with her and Elizabeth Carstens at the piano in her lovely Durbanville home, which was a great success. This performance was also attended by Johan Smal the organist of the DRC in Milnerton which asked the artists to perform in a small theatre which was part of their church building. Together with Lisa Conradie (clarinet) they did a lovely concert which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience that night.

House Concert...

The Qahal Musicians Charlotte Stopforth (mezzo), Johann Nefdt (baritone), Val Cornes (violin) and Erika Fox did a wonderful Easter program at the Andante Retirement Village in Kuils River.  Charlotte’s interpretation of “How beautiful are the Feet” (G.F. Händel) and “Laudate Dominum” (W.A. Mozart) was well performed.  “Ave Verum” (W.A. Mozart) and Panis Angelicus (César Franck) as sung by Johann was excellent.  Val’s interpretation of “Largo” (G.F. Händel) and “Meditation” (Massonet) was much enjoyed by the audience.

Easter @ Andante...

25 March 2004


The Oahal Musicians, Charlotte Stopforth (mezzo), Johann Nefdt (baritone), Val Cornes (violin) and Erika Fox (piano) performed at Huis André van der Walt in Bellville.

Huis André van der Walt...

14 April 2004

The Oahal Musicians, Charlotte Stopforth (mezzo), Johann Nefdt (baritone), Val Cornes (violin) and Erika Fox (piano) performed at Huis André van der Walt iat Huis Uitsig in Parow North.

Huis Uitsig...

11 May 2004

Geo Westraadt (soprano) and Johann Nefdt (baritone) accompanied by Elizabeth Carstens (piano) did a Spring Serenade, a Program of light classical and love songs, at the little theatre of the DR Church Zonnekus in Milnerton.

Spring Serenade...

4 September 2004

Die Qahal Musicians, Charlotte Stopforth (mezzo), Johann Nefdt (baritone) and Ramon Abrahams (piano) were invited by Bellville Hopforum to participate in a concert in the Bellville Civic Centre.  Various School Choirs were also invited to participate.

Bellville HOP Forum...

10 September 2004


Johann Nefdt, accompanied by Merlé May (piano) sang at a function for the residents of 90 year and older at Huis André van der Walt in Bellville.

Huis André van der Walt...

16 September 2004


Johann Nefdt sing in by ‘n oggendiens in die pragtige NG kerkie in Bloubergstrand.  Hy sing ook ‘n week daarna die “Ons Vader” (Luther Emerson) by ‘n huweliksbevestiging.

Morning service...

7 November 2004

Johann Nefdt sang a solo at the United Congregational Church in Stellenbosch for a couple that was married there.

Wedding blessing...

20 November 2004

Charlotte Stopforth (mezzo) en Johann Nefdt (baritone) was genooi om by die Vriende van Afrikaans se byeenkoms in die kerksaal van die NG kerk Suider-Strand te sing.  Charlotte het “Heimwee” en Johann het “Gee My”, albei van S le Roux Marais gesing.  Hulle het ook ‘n duet, “Groen is die land van Natal” (Ali Arletowicz verw Dirkie de Villiers), gesing.  Anita Ferreira het hulle op die klavier begelei.

Vriende van Afrikaans...

16 December 2004


Johann Nefdt took part in a special Christmas Eve Service that was arranged by the DR Church Kuils River South.  Johann sang “O Come let us adore Him” (John Wade) and “Dis Middernag in Bethlehem”  (Arranged by Hans Nel) accompanied by André Grové (organ).   

Christmas Eve servive...

24 December 2004

Johann Nefdt (baritone), accompanied by Johan Smal (organ) sang “Open die Poort van die Temple”  (Mrs Joseph F Knapp) at the morning service of the DR Church Sonnekus in Milnerton.

Morning service...

24 October 2004

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