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Today it was a very intresting day for Qahal. Charlene Martin and Johann Nefdt recorded “Open the gates of the Temple”, a song written and composed by Inez Espost and Hans Nel. The recording was done for the international competition of FEBA Radio.

Open the Gates of the Temple...

17 September 2006



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Hannes Groenewald wrote the lyrics of a song called “Romanse - Ek onthou”. Charlene Martin and Johann Nefdt recorded this very interesting song after Inez Espost and Hans Nel did the words & composing and respectively. People's positive reaction about this song made the recording a worthwhile endeavour. Music by Hans Nel; Words by Inez Espost.

Romanse - Ek Onthou... Play the Album... Music @ Work Studio

Charlene Martin (soprano), Johann Nefdt (baritone), Val Cornes (violin) and Elizabeth Carstens (piano) did a variety program at the Edelweiss Service Centre in Stellenberg, Bellville.  Johann dedicated this program to Kato Davids who died on 15 October.  She was the Nefdt’s maid for 61 years and was totally part of their family.  Her death was a big shock to the family and the whole family attend her funeral at Struisbaai near Bredasdorp.  Johann decided to dedicate the abovementioned program to Kato.

Variety program...

31 October 2006

Charlene Martin (soprano), Lisa Conradie (clarinet), Elizabeth Carstens (piano) and Johann Nefdt did a programme in the beautiful farm house of Mooikelder near Paarl. The programme called "Musiek in die Voorhuis" consisted of love songs and Christmas songs.


12 November 2006

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Johann Nefdt and Hans Nel was very much involved in organizing Somerkersfees, a Christmas concert at the Vredelust Primary School. Elbé Botha and Charlene Eksteen (music teachers) did the organizing from the school’s side. Eventually a very successful Christmas concert was achieved through the four of them’s hard work. They were joined by Charlene Martin and Elsa Botha (sopranos), the two school choirs under direction of Elbé and Charlene Eksteen, the Qahal Choir and the Qahal Chamber Orchestra conducted by Hans Nel, lead to a very successful and blessed concert. Johan and Heleen Kruger (AFM Passion Play Organizers) also participated during this event. They offered awsome dramatic effect to the program.

Christmas @ Vredelust Primary School....

15  November 2006



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The Qahal Musicians, Annalie Herbst (sopraan), Johann Nefdt (baritone) and Elizabeth Carstens (piano) performed at a function of the Vrouediens in the Church Hall of the DR Church Good Wood Park.  It was a program of love- and light classical songs. Both singers sang an art song of S L e Roux Marais.  Annalie sang ”Heimwee” and Johann “Gee My”.


17  November 2006


Qahal ended their year on a wonderful note as Johann Nefdt, Charlene Martin and Hans Nel (accompanist) took part in the end year function of the Frank Pietersen Music Centre in Paarl. Johann and Charlene sang with the Centre’s choir which was accompanied by Hans (piano)and conducted by Izanette van Schalkwyk. This was the first time “Open the Gates of the Temple” was performned live with a real orchestra and choir. Inez Espost also attended the concert to hear the piece.

Frank Pietersen Music Center...

25 November 2006


The Qahal Musicians did "Christmas with Qahal" at the Aristea Retirement Village in Durbanville. Johann Nefdt (baritone) was joined by Charlene Martin (soprano), Val Cornes (violin) and Elizabeth Carstens (piano).

Aristea Retirement Village...

22 November 2006


Also in November, The Qahal Musicians performed at Edelweiss Retirement Village with a Christmas Program called “In God’s Hart het dit begin”.  Charlene Martin (soprano), Johann Nefdt (baritone) and Izanette van Schalkwyk (piano) were the artists.  The duet “In God’s Hart”(Peterson) was one of the highlights of the evening.  Charlene and Johann’s interpretation of the duets “Hy verlaat die tuin van God”(arranged by Hans Nel) and “Sleep Holy Child” was excellently performed.  Johann’s solo “Die geboorte in Betlehem”  (arranged by Hans Nel) and Charlene’s solo “U het gekom Immanuel” (Thomas Hellmore) touched the hearts of the audience.

Edelweiss Retirement Village...

22 November 2006

Charlene Martin invited Johann Nefdt to sing with her at Christmas in Fairways, and on the 16 December Johann Nefdt and Charlotte Stopforth sang at a Christmas concert at the Taalmonument in Paarl and with this performance a wonderful and blessed 2006 came to an end for the Qahal Musicians.


16 December 2006

Hans Nel, Johann Nefdt and Charlene Martin was part of the AFM Passion Play that was held in the AFM Church in Kuils River. Hans was responsible for the music which he composed and arranged. He conducted the orchestra and choir. Charlene and Johann was the soloists. The event was organized by Johan and Heleen Kruger. They were also responsible for training their drama group to perform with the music. The Krugers have extensive experience in drama which they brought to our city from Gauteng. Many nights the Qahal Musicians and the Krugers met or dined together to discuss the progress of the play. We also had a blind violinist from Stellenbosch who played first violin and some solos in the Qahal Orchestra

AFM Passion Play...

26 & 27 May 2006



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The Passion Play Score

Johann Nefdt (baritone) sang “You raise me Up” with a violin obligato by Morné van der Merwe  and accompanied by Izanette van Schalkwyk (piano) at the morning service of the DR Church in Kuils River.

Morning service...

28 May 2006

At the moment the Qahal Musicians consists out of Charlene Martin (soprano), Johann Nefdt (baritone), Val Cornes (violin), Elizabeth Carstens (piano), Izanette van Schalkwyk (piano/organ), Hans Nel (Composer, Arranger, Conductor & IT).

Johann and Hans are responsible for organizing the concerts.

The Qahal Musicians...

The Andante Retirement Village in Kuils River was always one of Qahal’s favorite venues to perform and they did a very special Easter program (on the 8th of June) with  Charlene Martin, Johann Nefdt, Val Cornes (violin) and Elizabeth Carstens as artists. In March they were also asked to do a Winter Potpourri which was a great success.

Andante... Kersfees2000.pdf Kersfees2000.pdf 31.jpg

During the last quarter of 2006 Lisa Conradie (clarinet) joined the group just in time for the series of Christmas concerts. Christmas with Qahal was presented at different venues which included places like Aristia in Durbanville and a Sunday afternoon concert on the lovely Mooikelder Manor House on a farm near Paarl.

Lisa Conradie... Kersfees2000.pdf

The DR Church Kuils River presented an Easter Singing Service with Charlene Martin (sporano), Adriana Louw (mezzo), Jacques Louw (tenor) and Johann Nefdt (baritone).  The Church Choir with Izanette van Schalkwyk also performed at the occasion. The four soloists also formed the quartet and sang two songs.  The Qahal Orchestra with Hans Nel (conductor) accompanied the solosits and choir and also played two orchestral works. Izanette accompanied the quartet’s one song “Ek slaan my oë op na die Berge” on the piano.  The Quartet also sang “Where you There” accompanied by the Orchestra. Charlene and Johann sang “Golgotha” and “The Easter Hymn” with the Choir.  Jacques sang “Every valley shall be excalted”. Charlene sang “I know that my Redeemer Liveth”. Adriana and Jacques sang “Agnus Dei” by Bizet. Hans Nel arranged all the music for this event.

Easter Service...

21 May 2006



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The Qahal Musicians took part of The Holy Week in die DR Church Kuils River.  The soprano Charlene Martin gave a wonderful performance of “Via Dolorosa” and “There is a balm in Gilead”.  Johann Nefdt’s performance of “Blessed are They” (Wilhelm Kienzl),“O Loving Father” (Teresa del Riego) and “Agnus Dei” (Bill Conti)  was beautiful.  The two singers’ duets “Panis Angelicus” and “Lam van God” was well received.  Izanette van Schalkwyk’s accompaniment on the piano was excellent.

Holy Week...

10 March 2006

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