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Johann Nefdt and Hans Nel planned Qahal’s program for 2007. Johann already started his singing year during February with solos in the Dutch Reformed Church in Kuilsriver,  accompanied by Izanette van Schalkwyk (organ).

Slow start…

January & February 2007

Johann Nefdt sang at the AFM Church in Kuilsriver. It was a Holy Communion Service. Bill Conti’s “Agnus Dei” and “Vader, Seun, Heil’ge Gees”, both arranged by Hans Nel and performed with backing tracks, was very appropriate and blessed.

Holy Communion…

4 March 2007

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The Qahal Musicians did an Autumn Serenade at the De Rust Retirement Village in Durbanville. The audience enjoyed it thoroughly. Charlene Martin and Johann Nefdt were the soloists, Val Cornes did the violin solos while Izanette van Schalkwyk did the accompaniment on the piano. At the end of the programme the group received a standing ovation.

Autumn Serenade…

16 March  2007

Johann Nefdt and Charlene Martin was the soloists in an Easter Program that was presented in the Oostersee Dutch Reformed Church in Parow. Charlene's interpretation of “Where you There?” (Edna Thomas) and Johann's performance of “Agnus Dei” (Bill Conti), was exquisite. Mascagni's “Easter Hymn”, with Charlene and Johann as soloists and the Church Choir was a beautiful finale to the program.

Oostersee DR Church...

18 March  2007

Kersfees2000.pdfOostersee Poster.jpgEaster

Johann Nefdt performed at a VLV ( women's organization) meeting in the Strand. He sang six songs and was accompanied by Helena Bresler, an 81 year old ex-music teacher, whose accompaniment was done with exceptional skill. Hans Nel’s arrangement of his “ABBA-medley” was very well received by the ladies.

VLV Strand...

20 March  2007

After a rehearsal in a small Chapel on Morgenhof, a farm near Stellenbosch, the whole group had a lovely picnic at the Eerste River in Stellenbosch. The following Saturday Charlene Martin and Johann Nefdt sang at the wedding.  They sang “The Lord bless you and keep You” (John Rutter) and “You raise me Up” (Josh Groban) accompanied by Izanette van Schalkwyk on the keyboard.


21 March  2007

The Qahal Musicians did a Easter program at the Andante Retirement Village in Kuils River.  Charlene Martin (soprano), Johann Nefdt (baritone) and Izanette van Schalkwyk performed at the occasion.


29 March  2007


The Qahal Musicians took part in The Holy Week of the DR Church Kuils River. Charlene Martin’s interpretation of “In the Name of the Lord” (Sandi Patti) and Johann Nefdt’s interpretation of “Nagmaalinstellingswoorde” (Jaques Louw) was exceptional.  The two singers’ duet  “Sanctus” (Charles Gounod; arranged by Hans Nel) was poignant, to say the least.

Holy Week...

4 April  2007

The Qahal Musicians took part in the Easter Singing Service of the DR Church Kuils River.  Several instrumentalists as well and the Church Choir joined forces with Qahal to present a blessed program.   Annalie Herbst, Charlene Martin (sopranos) and Johann Nefdt sang “Lam van God” (Isaac/Lloyd Webber/Miller arranged by Hans Nel).  Charlene also sang “There’s a balm in Gilead” (Spiritual) and “Via Dolorosa”. Annalie sang “Laudate Dominum” (W.A. Mozart) with a Ladies Choir. Charlene and Johann were the soloists together with the Church Choir in singing the “Easter Hymn”  (P. Mascagni).

Easter Singing Service...

24 April  2007

The Qahal Musicians performed at Huis Magnolia with a program called “Herfsserenade”. Charlene Martin (soprano), Johann Nefdt (baritone), Val Cornes (violin) and Izanette van Schalkwyk (piano) were the artists.

Spring Serenade. - Home Magnolia..

26 April  2007

The Qahal Musicians presented a programme called a Spring Serenade at the Klaradyn Retirement Village in Brackenfell. Johann Nefdt (baritone), Izanette van Schalkwyk (piano).

Spring Serenade - Home Klaradyn...

4 May 2007

Qahal was part of a big Advent concert with Izanette van Schalkwyk (Organizer) and Hans Nel as conductor of the Qahal Orchestra and choirs in the Kuils River D R church. Johann Nefdt, Charlotte Stopforth and Annalie Herbst was the soloists at this performance.

‘Visions of the Night’ & ‘Seisoenwals’...

15 May 2007



Braam Potgieter Studio Play the Album...

Johann Nefdt, Charlene Martin & Izanette van Schalkwyk (as accompanist), presented a "Word and Song" programme regarding Ascension Day at the Dutch Reformed Church in Kuils River. Charlene gave a wonderful interpretation of Marlotte's "The Lord's Prayer" after which, two poignant duets "Lam of God” (Isaac/Lloyd Webber/Miller) and “Calvary” (Gounod/Peterson), both arranged by Hans Nel, was performed. Johann & Charlene captured the audience by their next song, "Sanctus" (from Gounod's St. Cecelia Mass), also a duet arranged by Hans Nel. The Audience was impressed by Johann's poignant interpretation of "Kom na My toe" (S le Roux Marais).The group ended the event with “Ps 150”  by Barry Smith.

Word and Song...

17 May 2007

The Qahal Musicians, Charlene Martin (soprano), Johann Nefdt (baritone). Val Cornes (violin) and Izanette van Schalkwyk did a concert, called a Autumn Serenade at the Andante Retirement Village in Kuils River.

Autumn Serenade...

21 May 2007


The Dutch Reformed Church, Swartland-North, invited the Qahal Musicians to present an Easter program at their venue. The group that was involved was Johann Nefdt (baritone), Charlene Martin (soprano), Hans Nel (trumpet) and Izanette van Schalkwyk (organ/piano). The group started the programme with "Open the Gates of the Temple” (Inez Espost (lyrics) & Hans Nel (music)). Hans played an obligato in the trumpet in this piece. Charlene then performed a solo, "The Almacht" (Shubert). The song, "Kom Heil'e Gees" (Jan de Wet) was the highlight of the evening. The programme was ended by "The Prayer" (David Foster) and "You raise me up" (J. Groban) with trumpet obligatos.

Swartland North...

3 June 2007

The Qahal Musician presents a "Winter Soirrée" at the Andante Retirement Village. Charlene Martin & Johann Nefdt were the singers with Val Cornes (violin) and Izanette van Schalkwyk (piano). Johann started the programme with Joseph Lees' “The Lord's Prayer” and Val continued with Edward Elgar's “Liebesgruss”. Johann did a very interesting medley of Abba songs which was arranged by Hans Nel. Charlene's interpretation of “Smile” by Charles Chaplin and George Gershwin's “Can't help loving this Man” were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. The two singers concluded the programme with Gounod's “Sanctus” from the St. Cecilia Mass.


21 June 2007

During a performance for the "Mooihawens Club" at Huis de Kuilen, Johann Nefdt, Tina Heydenreich (piano) and Inez Espost (Poetry reader) presented a wonderful programme of songs which included "Smoke gets in your eyes", "Sweef soos 'n Arend", “Moonlight and Roses", “Love's Old Sweet Song", "Somewhere over the rainbow", and more. Inez read love poetry of which "Planne me Ma" really captured the audience.

Mooihawens Club...

25 July 2007

Johann Nefdt, Annamarie Stoffberg and Izanette van Schalkwyk (organ) presented a morning service at the Kuils River Dutch Reformed Church. They performed the “Sanctus” (Gounod) in honour of Johann’s final membership at this congregation.


25 July 2007

Johann Nefdt, Charlene Martin en Izanette van Schalkwyk presents a Spring Programme for Huis Magnolia in Bellville. The audience was carried through memory lane by the solos and duets performed by the group. The songs include - "Moonlight and Roses", “Can't stop loving that man","Kom dans Klaradyn", "Romanse - Ek onthou" (Inez Espost (Lyric) & Hans Nel (music) and "I dreamed a dream". Charlene en Johann ended the event with “Sanctus" (Gounod), performed with Afrikaans lyrics. Val Cornes played a few solos on her violin.

Spring programme...

1 September 2007

Johann Nefdt and Johanna Viljoen (mezzo) sang at the Family Dinner of Huis Mostershoek that was held in the Church Hall of the DR Church Wolseley.  They sang “The Prayer” (David Foster) and “You raised me Up”  (Josh Groban) accompanied by Hans Nel (piano).

Family dinner...

2 September 2007

Johann Nefdt (baritone), Johanna Viljoen (soprano) with Wilbé Engelbrecht (piano) presented a Variety Concert, hosted by the congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church at Wolseley. Songs sung by the group included “You raise me up” (Groban) and "A Winter's Tale" (Mike Batt), both arranged by Hans Nel as duets.

Variety concert...

13 October 2007

Charlene Martin (soprano) and Johann Nefdt (baritone) took part in the Christmas concert of the Vredelust Primary School in Bellville. Both the school choirs of Vredelust as well as the choir of the Primary school Parow took part in the evening's programme. Hans Nel conducted the Qahal Chamber Orchestra. The evening started with an orchestral medley of famous Christmas tunes titled "A Christmas Festival", two beautiful Christmas medleys "Verheerlik die Kind" and "Eer God alle Getroues"  which were performed by the soloists as well as the school choirs and the orchestra. Elsa Botha (soprano) sang “Maria Wiegenlied” (Max Reger's) while Charlene sang "U het gekom Immanuel" (Thomas Helmore) after which Johann did "The Royal Boy Child" (Hairston/Gountlett's). Charlene and Johann sang a wonderful version of "Sanctus" (Gounod's) arranged for the Qahal Orchestra. Hans Nel did all the arrangements.

Christmas @ Vredelust Primary School...

1 November 2000



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The Qahal Musicians presented their first Met Woord en Lied Advent programme of 2007. This programme was presented at Worcester-Audenberg at Worcester. Charlene Martin and Johann Nefdt were accompanied supported by Brandon Ruiters (trumpet) and Izanette van Schalkwyk (Piano). The programme consisted of group song by the congregation, scripture readings as well as Solos and Duets by the Qahal Musicians. Johann and Charlene started the evening with an arrangement “In God’s Hart” (JW Peterson) after which Johann interpreted a wonderful medley, based on various Christmas melodies, “Die geboorte in Betlehem” with trumpet obligatos. Brandon performed a few Christmas solos on his trumpet. Then Charlene performed "U het gekom, Immanuel" (Thomas Helmore) followed by a few duets, "Sleep Holy Child", "Hy verlaat die tuin van God" (Keel/Kirby ) and "Ring the Bells" (Harry Bollback ) performed by Johann and Charlene. The audience was extremely blessed by the presentation of the music, which was all arranged by Hans Nel.

Met Woord en Lied...

18 November 2007

Next the Qahal Musicians gave a performance in Goodwood for the Woman’s Service of the Monte Vista Dutch Reformed Church. During this event, Ruthette du Toit (fluit/saksofoon) joined Johann Nefdt, Charlene Martin and Izanette van Schalkwyk as a guest artist. The audience loved Charlene’s "Maria Wiegenlied" (Max Reger) and Johann "The Royal Boy Child" (Hairston/Gauntlett) which included Saxophone obligatos. The soloist gave a blessed interpretation of "In 'n krippie slaap die Kindjie" (Rasley/Peterson). Ruthette presented wonderful Christmas melodies on her Saxophone and Fluit, arranged by Hans Nel. The evening rounded off with scripture readings and a short story, "Die Groot Geskenk" (Inez Espost) by Marie Spochter.

Women’s service...

20 November 2007

Charlene Martin and Johann Nefdt took part in the Christmas Service of the DRC Oostersee in. At this event they performed the solo part with the church choir of "Middernag in Betlehem", "Hy verlaat die tuin van God" and "Eer God alle getroues". Johann sang "The Royal Boy Child" while Charlene did "U het gekom, Immanuel" as their solo's. They sang "In God's Hart" as a duet. "Stille Nag", sang by the soloists, choir and congregation was a wonderful conclusion of a blessed evening. Music arranged by Hans Nel.

Met Woord en Lied...

25 November 2007

The Qahal Musicians performed at Edelweiss Retirement Village with a Christmas Program called “In God’s Hart het dit begin”.  Charlene Martin (soprano), Johann Nefdt (baritone) and Izanette van Schalkwyk (piano) were the artists.  The duet “In God’s Hart” (Peterson) was one of the highlights of the evening.  Charlene and Johann’s interpretation of the duets “Hy verlaat die tuin van God” (arranged by Hans Nel) and “Sleep Holy Child” was excellently performed.  Johann’s solo “Die geboorte in Betlehem” (arranged by Hans Nel) and Charlene’s solo “U het gekom Immanuel” (Thomas Hellmore) touched the hearts of the audience.


13 December 2007

Johann Nefdt (baritone) accompanied by Antoinette Dicey (organ) sang “Die Geboorte in Bethlehem” arr by Hans Nel at the Christmas Service of the DR Church in Wolseley.

D Church - Wolseley...

25 December 2007