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The Qahal Musicians starts this year at the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolseley. Johann Nefdt, accompanied by Hans Nel on the church organ, sang a Christmas medley, “Kniel voor Immanuel” which was also arranged by Hans.


16 January 2008

The Qahal Musicians presents a very successful Valentine Program for the VLV organisation in the Strand. The musicians involved was Johann Nefdt, Charlotte Stopforth, Ruthette du Toit (flute) and Izanette van Schalkwyk (Piano).


14 February 2008

Johann Nefdt, accompanied by Wanda van den Berg (Piano), sings “Where you there?” at the Eucharist ceremony presented by the Dutch Reformed Church Wolseley. The next day at Huis Mostertshoek’s Eucharist service, Johann performed the same song but this time accompanied by Miemie van Wyk. The audience at both services were blessed by the group’s poignant performance.


14 February 2008

The Dutch Reformed Church Wolseley presents their Easter Program at which Johann Nefdt, accompanied by Wanda van Wyk (Pipe Organ), performed the “Ave Verum” (WA Mozart) and “There is a balm in Gilead”, an African Spiritual. Johann, accompanied by Miemie van Wyk, performs “Bless this House” (May Brahe) at Huis Mostertshoek’s 19th Anniversary.

DR Church - Wolseley...

16 March 2008


The ACVV (Ceres) presented their annual Tea Party and commissioned the Qahal Musicians to perform at their event. The Qahal Musicians, Johann Nefdt (Baritone), Johanna Viljoen (Soprano) and Wanda van den Berg (Piano), performed a short program with two duets "The Prayer" (David Foster) and "A Winter's Tale" (Mike Batt). Two solo numbers was sung by Johann - "Dis winter in die Breëriviervallei" (Johan Groenewald) and "Mali, die slaaf, se lied" (S le Roux Marais).

Tea Party...

20 May 2008

Huis Mostershoek presented their annual Garden Function and commissioned the Qahal Musicians to perform at their beautiful garden. Johann Nefdt and Johann Viljoen performed the “Andrew Lloyd Webber Medley” (arranged by Hans Nel), accompanied by a backing track (Lubeckano Studio). This song was an instant success with the audience.

Garden function...

9 November 2008

The Friends of the Museum in Tulbagh, commissioned the Qahal Musicians (Johann Nefdt and Johanna Viljoen) to perform at their fundraising Christmas Concert. The funds are intended to restore the Museum. Johanna sang two duets – “The Prayer” and “In God se hart” as well as a solo “I give Him Praise”. Johann sang “The Royal Boy child”. They were accompanied by Hans Nel (piano). Arrangements by Hans Nel.

Tulbagh Museum.

18 November 2008


The Dutch Reformed Church Wolseley presented their Advent Service at which the Worcester Wind Band performed. Johann Nefdt sang a solo – “Slaap Heil'ge Kind” as well as a duet “In God se hart”  by Johann and Johanna Viljoen. Johanna sang two solos with a vocal group.

DR Church - Wolseley...

23 November 2008

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As manager of Huis Mostertshoek in Wolseley, Johann Nefdt was also responsible for the Wolseley Service Centre and he regularly performed there.  Johann Nefdt and Mimmie van Wyk (piano) was part of their Year End Function that was held in the Church Hall of the DR Church Wolseley.

Huis Mostertshoek...

28 November 2008

The Dutch Reformed Church Kuils River commissioned the Qahal Musicians to perform at their service. Johann Nefdt, accompanied by Izanette van Schalkwyk (Pipe Organ), sang “God maak my sterk” (Inez Espost, arranged by Hans Nel). Johann and Annamarie Stofbergh also sang “Panis Angelicus” as a duet.

Huis Mostertshoek...

30 November 2008

The Qahal Musicians, Johann Nefdt and Johanna Viljoen, performed at Huis Mostertshoek’s Advent Service. The Tulbagh Troebadoers took part of the service as well. All-in-all, it was a beautiful event.

Huis Mostertshoek...

1 December 2008

The Dutch Reformed Church Kuils River presented their annual Advent Service. Johann Nefdt sang a solo “Thuma Mina” accompanied by the church choir. This was the final performance this year for the Qahal Musicians.

DR Church - Kuils River...

7 December 2008